With very strong encouragement and backing by the Corporate Partnership Board, CLODE has successfully piloted two new research programs which will serve as the foundation for our future CLODE offering. The first project is titled Supply Chain Sustainability, and its focus is on examining and developing best practices for enhancing security and risk mitigation in global supply chains. With a greater concern over the resilience of supply chain systems to disruptions causes by natural disasters, accidents or sabotage, how should firms mitigate those risks while still keeping the costs in control? Further, with a greater concern about environmental sustainability, what practices and approaches should firms adopt in their supply chain systems? These questions will be the focus of research.

The second project is aimed at examining the phenomenon of Services Science from the perspective of supply chain and information systems research. This research will study the following question: How should firms design their systems for procuring and leveraging scarce human talent in a services enterprise, particularly in enterprises that demand high levels of expertise, such as consulting, medical practice, information technology services, and auditing, tax, and financial services.